Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring has arrived in Dallas

Here are some of my friends that came out today to watch me work in the yard. We have about 6 Green Anoles that live around and on the patio. They will change to either green or brown to adapt to their surroundings. Some call them chameleons. When Dorothy and I were little, Mom took us to the Circus and brought home a chameleon.


Dorothy said...

I remember that little guy! He didn't live very long. We kept it in the livingroom in front of the window.

Christine said...

They are so cute in pictures but I don't think I could play with one. EWWWW.

Shari said...

oh, we'd love to have lizards in the yard, that would be awesome! lol. i wouldn't mind handling them, but i definitely wouldn't want to be the one to put the crickets in their tanks, ick.