Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our 33rd Honeymoon

Every anniversary, Jeannette and I take a honeymoon trip. Some years it's been close by and some years we were lucky to go farther away. This year we decided to go to Seattle.

On our way to Seattle, I spotted this plane. If you look closely, you can see through the clouds the Rocky Mountains.

Seattle is located between Lake Washington and Elliott Bay. and in the background is Puget Sound. Seattle grew in the late 1880's when the gold prospectors would stop and buy a year's worth of provisions before heading for Alaska. My impression of Seattle is that it is the San Francisco of the Northwest.

Our first stop was for a seafood brunch at a restaurant with view of Seattle.

Seattle skyline in background.

The Freemont Troll has been lurcking under the Aurora bridge since 1990. He is 18 feet tall and made out of concrete.

Jim & Jeannette

In his left hand, he crushes an old red Volkswagen Beetle. It is a real car.

This is a view from the observation deck at the Space Needle. If you look closely, you can see Mt. Ranier in the middle of the picture. One of the guides said that it is like that most of the time. It drizzled off and on most of the time we were there. That's typical. They say you can tell the difference between the tourists and the locals because the tourists are the ones with umbrellas. It's true. We saw very few umbrellas. They say that the typical Seattlite thinks their epidermis is made of GORE-TEX.

Both Bruce Lee and his son Brandon are buried in Seattle. The cemetary was easy to find. We had to ask a couple of times for directions to the gravesite and they all knew where it was.

People still leave flowers and messages.

In the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle", Tom Hanks lives on a houseboat. There is a community of houseboats on Lake Union. The west side of the lake is commercial and the east side is residential. The day we returned, that houseboat from the movie was for sale for $1.2 mil.

We drove around Lake Union at sunset to get this picture of the Seattle skyline in the background.

Jeannette and Martha Stewart shopping at a cheese shop at Pike Place. We didn't bother her by asking for an autograph. She used this shop on one of her shows a few months ago. Pike Place is like the West Side Market in Cleveland.